What? Too soon?
  • Steve: this is rad
  • Devin: AAAAaaaaaaa! I can click to zoom in ... but how do I zoom out?
  • Steve: oh I never clicked it
  • Devin: unzoom!
  • Steve: UNZOOM!
  • Devin: found it
  • Devin: All I wanna do is zoom-a-zoom-zoom-zoom
  • Steve: and a poom-poom?
  • Devin: with an 80% chance of boom boom!
  • Steve: I like those odds

Why don’t they just start calling these contests “The Best Publicist Alive”, “The Publicist’s Choice Awards”, “The Nobel Publicist’s Prize”?

Bill Murray did the voice of Garfield in the movie and the guy that did Garfield in the cartoon did Peter Venkman on Real Ghostbusters #meta

I liked a @YouTube video Spinal Tap - 11

RT @ThatKevinSmith: ‘atta boy, Ry-Ry twins! Burn that midnight Oil & cage the Bear! Watching @NHL_Oilers in Iceland, so tonight, Reykjav …

I get a pretty good view of the sunset since daylight savings time ended

RT @CBCR2Drive: Pairing Hockey teams with Rock Bands - Check it out -

The least exciting hockey game is still more fun to watch than the most exciting baseball game. #anotherfoulball

New Scona Road FTW!!! knocked 10 mins off my commute. Nice work getting it done early @CityofEdmonton! #yeg

Yellowhead Brewery is a really nice room! Why don’t the do this every night? @FandMtheband show!!! Come drink with me. #yeg

Oh Siri… You crazy.


RT @God_Damn_Batman: Joker is giving away free money at the Gotham Occupy Wall Street protest. I’m at home. Washing my $300,000 tights.

RT @mashable: The Force is Strong in Bones Mello, the Star Wars AT-AT Dog [PICS] -

I liked a @YouTube video Guns N’ Roses ♫ Mr Brownstone - Rock In Rio 2011